Five Exciting New Technologies:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) :

The time of self-teaching machines is here. Human intelligence has taken us this far, but it’s time to let AI take us to the next level.

Thanks to AI, we can look forward to curing countless diseases. With all the data we have, it won’t be long before AI can pinpoint the genetic code inside of us that causes cancer. When applied to farming, AI will be able to optimize food production, in both quantity and quality. We’ll eat as much as please, and and as healthily as we please. Just as long as we are willing to make our goals known to the corporations that be.

The tool of AI will and is disrupting everything, and it’s up to us to use this tool for the good of all.


We have come to the point where we can upload our DNA sequences like a Word document. Not only that, but we can edit the genetic code in much the same way. With a laptop and some programming skills, you can manipulate DNA as if you were playing a God simulator. Our DNA dictates how our bodies are formed. If we could control our it, we could customize ourselves like video game avatars. Everything from eye colour, to intelligence, to strength, could be changed at whim. Could this solve many issues we face regarding inequality? Quite possibly.

With CRISPR, we may have a cure to all manner of genetic illness. It would involve identifying which genes cause which problems, and cutting them out and replacing them. The power of AI’s decision-making, combined with CRISPR, could be the means to curing cancer once and for all.

3. Solar Energy:

There has been a great deal of war and turmoil over usable energy; Plants and house cats are one step ahead of us…

They’ve realized that the sun has all the energy we could ever need. Thanks to companies like Tesla, solar energy is finally being marketed effectively. Before long, solar panels will be common to most cities and households. Cheaper, cleaner and more poetic energy will ultimately triumph over petrol. It’s just a matter of time. That, and our own dedication and investment to the solar energy movement.

4. Specialized Online Education:

Many of us struggled, at one point or another, with our schooling. Perhaps it was the institution, the teacher, or the subject itself.
Regardless, we now have control over all three of those factors:

The Internet is a hub of free information and skills-learning. No longer do you have to stress about passing topics you don’t care about. Today, you can learn about literally anything that tickles your fancy. If you’re in the working world and are dissatisfied with your job, you can scour the Internet for alternative ideas. Few us of us will be happy with the first venture that comes our way… so now is the time to pick from the plethora of wondrous items of intellect and creation. Everything from social insights, to finance, to art, to biology, to literature and history… it’s all there. Pick your favourite subject, then learn the marketable skills or skills of marketing attached to that subject. You can, thanks to the infinite potential of both yourself and the Internet, make your lifestyle both happy and rich.

5. Controlling Your Money Again:

There’s a reason why you hear more and more about Cryptocurrency as each year goes by. The plague of fraud, debt and mismanagement is something that has existed since the advent of money. Now, we are realizing that there is a quick way to bring the bank back under our jurisdiction.

Banks, for so long, have used debt over us like some sort of superpower. They create as much of it as they need, and face no justice for punishing billions of hard working people. On the flip-side, we choose which Cryptocurrencies we want to use. We can back the ones we favour, and boycott the ones we don’t. Thus, we can empower the companies and currencies that fit our own interests. By doing this, we’ll avoid things like unfair currency manipulation and inflation.

Blockchain is here: a new system of secure and open-source banking. Blockchain allows us to transfer money with lower fees. There’s no room for fraud, as each transaction is stored in a public ledger. Also, there will be less fear of history and social status determining the kind of loans we can have. In short, Blockchain offers a range of advantages over the outdated banking systems of the world today. It’s up to us how Blockchain is developed and used, and that’s a powerful position to be, given how fast the world is changing.



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